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Bob Mills Corner Office™ brings commercial solution to you with a focus on aesthetics, function, and comfort for your office space. As we map out your current workflow to see how your organization gets things done, we'll focus on maximizing efficiency, removing chaos and improving the surroundings for employees, students, guests and patients. Every company is unique, and with nearly 50 years in the furniture business, Bob Mills Corner Office™ has the expertise in furniture and design to help you from concept to completion.

Who We Serve

Bob Mills Corner Office™ works to understand your individual business needs and develop a customized plan to accentuate success within your industry. We offer versatile, interactive learning environments for education, while for healthcare we provide specialty furniture to create welcoming and inviting spaces. Our corporate and government clients will see plans to increase workplace efficiencies and workflow with creative workstations and offices, and with the hospitality sectors, we'll procure appropriate furniture pieces that bring comfort and style to any space.

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Our Products

Thanks to our great relationship with many manufacturers, we provide a vast selection of products all at the lowest prices. For clients looking to update their offices, you'll find executive or managerial desks, task chairs, conference room tables, and training stations. We even have a selection of height adjusting bench systems, workstation cubicles and panel systems. For those in the medical industry, we can help you find the right reception desk, waiting room furniture, as well as lab seating. Universities, schools and libraries have access to a selection of fixed seating, lecterns, training tables and dorm furniture. For the hospitality sector, we offer sofas, dining tables, mattresses, and more. No matter your industry, our design team will be able to find you what you need.

Bob Mills Corner Office™ listens to clients' needs and gives them solutions for their commercial spaces. What are your goals and objectives for the space? How long are you planning to be at your location? In our initial meetings with you, we'll ask these questions and more to get in-depth knowledge of your unique needs. Every project is different, and we customize a design package that fits your needs, design preference, and most importantly your budget. From procurement to installation, our project managers will guide you through every step of the process.

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